A Glitch in the Matrix: Several signs indicate that events are

The Gadfly: Mary dresses up as a veiled client seeking Holmes assistance, to point out to Watson that he really needs to spend some time at home instead of working cases with Holmes. Her maid puts in a few choice remarks too. Genre Savvy: The Victorian Watson is good enough at crafting stories to recognize when he is inside one. A Glitch in the Matrix: Several signs indicate that events are occurring in Sherlock’s imagination. In the morgue, he refers to Moriarty coming back from being shot in the head, instead of falling off Reichenbach. Victorian Sherlock uses the modern term “crime scene”, which puzzles Mycroft. The term “the virus in the data” is used by Mycroft, which Sherlock clearly notes. Sherlock immediately jumps to Mycroft’s side after discovering Moriarty’s message, is disorientated, and hallucinates when looking at the painting of a waterfall. At one point, during a carriage ride, Sherlock turns to Watson and notes that he looks different: clean shaven http://thammyviencongnghecaohuonggiang.com/creates-a-mandatory-national-holiday-specifically-to-make-fun/, modern haircut and clothing. Guns Akimbo: Emelia Ricoletti opens fire on an entire street with a massive revolver in each hand. The reason for this is part of the whole staged suicide one gun under her chin and she fired the other one into the balcony floor beside her. In all the confusion her earlier shots whipped up, nobody would notice that the gun under her chin hadn’t actually gone off when she “died”. Higher Understanding Through Drugs: It’s revealed that for particularly difficult cases Sherlock sometimes takes just about any drug he thinks might give him a boost. Mycroft is aware of this and insists he keeps a list of what he’s taken. Hollywood Hacking: Mary in 2015 is able to break into MI 5’s computers with a cell phone.

“BABY, I WAS BORN TO DESTROY YOU!!” Buffy Speak Call Back: Volume 5 has a dream that puts Scott in the same desert he found himself in back in the first volume, once again lamenting that he is “so alone”. When Wallace is first telling Scott about Lucas Lee, Scott confuses him first with Luke Wilson (the actor), and then with a guy who was in a band that Sex Bob Omb played with (also named Luke Wilson). Some time later, Scott runs into the latter Luke Wilson, and asks if he is Lucas Lee (mind you, this is after Scott had met, fought, and defeated Lee). Canada, Eh?: Written by a Canadian, so it averts most stereotypes, but has the occasional “eh?” Captain Ersatz: A hot chick who’s hyper capable, uses head portals, dating the younger protagonist, and has odd colored hair and a thing for goggles. Ramona Flowers has a lot in common with FLCL’s Haruko Haruhara. Captain Obvious: Wallace is actually helpful most of the time, but once a fight actually starts.”Scott, watch out! I think that guy might be Gideon!””OKAY, THANK YOU WALLACE!”.

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