Crowd Panic: During his boss battle Mr

Milosevic began his political career as the economic adviser to Belgrade’s mayor. He would later marry his childhood friend Mirjana Markovic, who later became the leader of Slobodan’s junior coalition partner, the Yugoslav Left. Milosevic was later able to become the head of Beobanka, one of Yugoslavia’s largest banks. A rising star in Yugoslavian politics by 1987, he soon found himself a popular candidate as he declared support for the Serbs in Kosovo who claimed oppression from the ethnic Albanians. Milosevic railed against Albanian abuse of power and supported ethnic Serbs first and foremost. Milosevic took steps to consolidate power by expelling members of his party who criticized his Kosovo stance. After quietly replacing their supporters with his own, Milosevic’s ascent to the presidency was assured.

The Cavalry: Inverted. They show up at the usual time, but they’re on the Big Bad’s payroll. The Chief’s Daughter: Falling Star, Red’s mother. Circus of Fear: Professor Perry leads one of these. Colonel Badass: Colonel Daren doesn’t let having his left arm severed stop him from being Diego’s right hand man; he receives a cannon as a prosthetic replacement. He’s also responsible for murdering Red’s parents and his cousin. Crowd Panic: During his boss battle Mr. Kelley starts unloading at random into the citizens of Brimstone, causing them to scream and run all over the place. This makes it very hard to get a clean shot at him. Dark Action Girl: Whip crazy Bad Bessie and Christina, the shotgun toting lady stripper. Death Mountain: Rogue Valley, Bad Bessie’s hiding place. Distressed Damsel: Sheriff O’Grady’s daughter is tied up in the middle of Widow’s Patch during the fight with Professor Perry. Jack goes to free her initially, but is interrupted by Perry and his gang, whereupon he has to fight them off. She gets captured again later in the game and Red ends up rescuing her from the mines. The Dragon: Colonel Daren to General Diego. Also Jason Cornet to Governor Griffon, to the extent that the former is the last bodyguard Red faces before going up against Griffon himself. General Diego is technically this to Griffon though Diego would insist that they are partners. Dropped a Bridge on Him: Though it is implied, Jack Swift is apparently killed off entirely offscreen at the end of the game. You don’t even see the fight that kills him; he just goes off with Annie and doesn’t come back. However, in Red Dead Redemption there is mention of him, as well as being able to use him in mutli player. Though a Popular rumor is that he secretly left for the quiet retirement he always wanted Dual Boss: Happens very frequently in the game. Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette: Jesse Lynch, who is hinted to be undead. Escort Mission: The Siege level, where you have to watch out for your two partners. Expy: Red is obviously modeled after Clint Eastwood, more specifically The Man with No Name from The Dollars Trilogy, and Josey Wales from The Outlaw Josey Wales. Finger Gun: Young Red does this at the opening of the first level. Fisticuffs Level: One level sees you start a bar fight, in which you can only use your fists and strategically wielded bottles. Flare Gun: General Diego’s special move, which is used to guide cannonfire in his level. Four Star Badass: General Diego. He’s very much a Frontline General in the mission where he’s playable, where he fights off the US Army. This trope especially applies since it’s the hardest level in the game. Funny Foreigner: Gabriel Navarro, Mexican gunfighter and barfly.”Keel heem, and let’s get back to dreenking!”.

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