Half Human Hybrid: Superman explains to Lois that

St. Petersburg Times editorial: proposals for overhauling Florida’s Medicaid program have two things in common. The House and Senate plans look to private managed care companies to try to rein in costs. They also ignore the advice of legislative analysts who are not sure if that strategy, already used in five counties, has saved the state money or improved patient care. That’s why the Legislature’s rush to overhaul Medicaid in the waning weeks of this session is misguided at best and dangerous at worst. A decision affecting millions of Floridians particularly those in nursing homes and the developmentally disabled should not be decided in such haste and with such little analysis. Floridians would be better served if lawmakers settled on a less ambitious goal and spent another year considering their options. Federal stimulus money now and health care reform dollars later give the state time for more extensive deliberation.

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Hermes Replica Bags Dramatic Drop: Lois when Clark Kent unbuttons his shirt. Dressed in Layers: Clark Kent, as in most adaptations, wears the Superman uniform beneath his regular clothing. Face Death with Dignity: Luthor is fine with being executed, even though he’s in a Cardboard Prison. Superman also faces his fate calmly, doing what he can to continue helping people and leave a positive legacy. First Time Feeling: When Lex Luthor takes a Super Serum and gains all of Superman’s powers he begins to see everything, including the very nature of existence and the makeup of the universe. The realization of how things fit together is one of the key factors in the only Heel Realization he has in any adaptation. Freeze Frame Bonus: While Luthor is surrendering to the SWAT team that broke into his hideout, the monitor shows Solaris for a moment before Luthor turns it off. Foot Popping Foreshadowing: Lois comments that a future Superman looks kind of like her father. You don’t say. Genius Bruiser: Superman possesses advanced Kryptonian scientific knowledge and is able to make a serum that gives Lois Lane superpowers. Lex Luthor also counts after he temporarily gains Superman’s powers. Half Human Hybrid: Superman explains to Lois that, even if he survived the solar poisoning, they can not have children because they are of two different species. However, there is a scene where Superman talks to his future descendant and Lois comments how he looks like her father, then the final scene reveals that Lex Luthor has mapped Superman’s genome and developed a way to merge it with a human’s. All they would need is an ovum from a healthy human woman. Heel Realization: Lex Flippin’ Luthor. In one of the only occurrences of the trope in any incarnation of Luthor in all Superman media, Superman points out that Luthor could have saved the world years ago if it had really mattered to him and Luthor admits that he was right. He then goes on to accept impending execution, and finally does something to help the world by giving the blueprints to Superman’s DNA. Luthor: (wide eyed sadness) We’re all we’ve got Hermes Replica Bags.

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