However, it’s also extremely controversial and polarizing

Southern rap is a subgenre of Hip Hop that (as its name suggests) largely originated from the American South and is one of the most prominent types of rap music today, and contains the prominent subgenres Crunk and Trap Music. However, it’s also extremely controversial and polarizing. Southern rap took off in popularity in the early 2000s. Southern rap typically features minimalistic, bass heavy instrumentals, chanted choruses, lots and lots of Cluster F Bomb and N Word Privileges (to the point where every other word is often a curse word), overt sexism (there are actually several female Southern Rap artists like , , , and and from Crime Mob but they’re mainly there as Ms. Fanservice and tend to objectify themselves) and overly belligerent, simplistic and grammatically inaccurate lyrics about casual sex, using and dealing drugs, partying, the club, killing people, criminal activity and girls’ butts. The lyrics are almost universally hated, with even the genre’s defenders admitting that they’re terrible and that they only like the music for their beats. There are, of course, a few exceptions, mainly Childish Gambino, Big Boi and Killer Mike, who are highly respected lyricists and are well liked even by many people who typically dislike rap, but they tend to be the minority. Louis, which is not actually part of the South, but is considered this anyway).

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