So Bad, It’s Good: Intentionally so

Amazon Brigade Conspicuous CG: In the second series. Cool Ship: The eponymous vessel. Earth That Was Foreign Language Title: It’s apparently supposed to mean “white sun” in Spanish and/or Italian (“bianca” is the feminine adjective form of “white” in Italian and “sol” is Spanish for “sun”; the correct phrase would be “sol blanco” in Spanish and “sole bianco” in Italian). Though that could be intentional, given the all female crew. Laser Blade: The ship’s weapon is some kind of glowing yellow string (it forms curve shapes when in use) that cuts anything it touches. Left Hanging: The second episode of the original series ends with an antagonist character bringing someone out of suspended animation. We never find out more about this, though, because the series ends there, and the second series seems to be either a Prequel or an Alternate Continuity. Pirate Girl The Quiet One: Janny in the second series. Space Is an Ocean: When the eponymous ship enters / leaves hyperspace, it resembles a submarine diving / resurfacing. Space Pirates Spaceship Girl: June seems to be something like a robotic terminal of the ship’s computer. Stab the Scorpion: First it looks, as if Gwen wants to shoot Janny, but actually he saves her by shooting Booster’s big monster minion standing behind her. Starship Luxurious: The Sol Bianca has an onboard garden. Theme Naming: The given names of the main characters are month names or variations thereof: April, Feb, Janny, June, May. There’s also an extrasolar system with planets named Uno and Tres.

Picture this: you’re DrunkMagikoopa. You’re respected by everyone on Newgrounds. Your Animutation are the stuff of legend. Where do you go from here? Troll your fanbase of course!In July 2002, DrunkMagikoopa created pube mupit gos shoping!11, starring a disembodied, homosexual, promiscuous Kermit the Frog head with pubes, and followed it up with pube mupit gets license!1. They were designed to piss people off, and judging by their reviews, they succeeded. Then something unexpected happened. people liked them, and started creating their own, starting with pube mupit buys a pc!!111.Eventually, Pubey migrated to YTMND and YouTube. He’s mostly died out on Newgrounds and YTMND (although what hasn’t died out on YTMND?), but there are still quite a few Pube Muppet video makers on YouTube. Well, some people gobbled it up and demanded more. for reasons which will I’ll never fully understand. I found the first few fan movies somewhat amusing, but WHEN PEOPLE ARE STILL DOING IT TEN FUCKING MONTHS LATER it becomes sort of annoying.”Crossover: As mentioned below, Drew Pickles appears on Pube Muppet videos sometimes. Pubey also crosses over with Moon Man sometimes, such as in Moon Man goes to the doctor. Fan Nickname: “Pubey” for the title character. Depraved Homosexual: Oh yes. Lawyer Friendly Cameo: Averted with lines such as “I will Install America Online because they are number one in homosexuality” Nerds Are Sexy: Averted by Pube Nerd. Sex Bot: Robo Pube “Shaggy Dog” Story: Pube Muppet never gets homosexual satisfaction. Ever. So Bad, It’s Good: Intentionally so. Spinoff Babies: Yes, they even have a “Pube Muppet Babies”, complete with Pube Nanny. Stylistic Suck Synthetic Voice Actor: Pube Muppet is voiced by Speakonia’s Adult Male 3, while the shopkeepers are voiced by various text to speech voices, usually Adult Male 1. The Rival: Drew Pickles plays this role in some videos, such as this one. Too Kinky to Torture: Pube Muppet gets off on pain, particularly having his own genitals mutilated.

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