So Bad, It’s Good: Intentionally so

Amazon Brigade Conspicuous CG: In the second series. Cool Ship: The eponymous vessel. Earth That Was Foreign Language Title: It’s apparently supposed to mean “white sun” in Spanish and/or Italian (“bianca” is the feminine adjective form of “white” in Italian and “sol” is Spanish for “sun”; the correct phrase would be “sol blanco” in Spanish and “sole bianco” in Italian). Though that could be intentional, given the all female crew. Laser Blade: The ship’s weapon is some kind of glowing yellow string (it forms curve shapes when in use) that cuts anything it touches. Left Hanging: The second episode of the original series ends with an antagonist character bringing someone out of suspended animation. We never find out more about this, though, because the series ends there, and the second series seems to be either a Prequel or an Alternate Continuity. Pirate Girl The Quiet One: Janny in the second series. Space Is an Ocean: When the eponymous ship enters / leaves hyperspace, it resembles a submarine diving / resurfacing. Space Pirates Spaceship Girl: June seems to be something like a robotic terminal of the ship’s computer. Stab the Scorpion: First it looks, as if Gwen wants to shoot Janny, but actually he saves her by shooting Booster’s big monster minion standing behind her. Starship Luxurious: The Sol Bianca has an onboard garden. Theme Naming: The given names of the main characters are month names or variations thereof: April, Feb, Janny, June, May. There’s also an extrasolar system with planets named Uno and Tres.

Picture this: you’re DrunkMagikoopa. You’re respected by everyone on Newgrounds. Your Animutation are the stuff of legend. Where do you go from here? Troll your fanbase of course!In July 2002, DrunkMagikoopa created pube mupit gos shoping!11, starring a disembodied, homosexual, promiscuous Kermit the Frog head with pubes, and followed it up with pube mupit gets license!1. They were designed to piss people off, and judging by their reviews, they succeeded. Then something unexpected happened. people liked them, and started creating their own, starting with pube mupit buys a pc!!111.Eventually, Pubey migrated to YTMND and YouTube. He’s mostly died out on Newgrounds and YTMND (although what hasn’t died out on YTMND?), but there are still quite a few Pube Muppet video makers on YouTube. Well, some people gobbled it up and demanded more. for reasons which will I’ll never fully understand. I found the first few fan movies somewhat amusing, but WHEN PEOPLE ARE STILL DOING IT TEN FUCKING MONTHS LATER it becomes sort of annoying.”Crossover: As mentioned below, Drew Pickles appears on Pube Muppet videos sometimes. Pubey also crosses over with Moon Man sometimes, such as in Moon Man goes to the doctor. Fan Nickname: “Pubey” for the title character. Depraved Homosexual: Oh yes. Lawyer Friendly Cameo: Averted with lines such as “I will Install America Online because they are number one in homosexuality” Nerds Are Sexy: Averted by Pube Nerd. Sex Bot: Robo Pube “Shaggy Dog” Story: Pube Muppet never gets homosexual satisfaction. Ever. So Bad, It’s Good: Intentionally so. Spinoff Babies: Yes, they even have a “Pube Muppet Babies”, complete with Pube Nanny. Stylistic Suck Synthetic Voice Actor: Pube Muppet is voiced by Speakonia’s Adult Male 3, while the shopkeepers are voiced by various text to speech voices, usually Adult Male 1. The Rival: Drew Pickles plays this role in some videos, such as this one. Too Kinky to Torture: Pube Muppet gets off on pain, particularly having his own genitals mutilated.

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He’s slowly graduating from Type 3 and 4

She says yes, but she is lying. Too bad it’s a Painfully Slow Projectile In the first game, there’s an entire starship that serves as one of these. Also, Justine and Elizabeth. He’s slowly graduating from Type 3 and 4. Kanzaki gets pretty blatant as her and Kaoru’s route progresses, but it mostly just makes Kaito uncomfortable and unwilling to admit that she feels anything more for her than the friendly feelings she stated publicly.

Your wisdom has forged this ring. Chi Chi in Dragon Ball Z acts like this towards her eldest son, Gohan, wanting him to be a scholar and avoid the violent lifestyle of his father. It seems Replica Stella McCartney bags to Hermes Replica Handbags have less effect on human flesh when convenient. Diabolus ex Machina: As if Kurt’s glitchy death in Season 5 wasn’t bad enough, in Season 8 his Replica Hermes Handbags internet outright crashes right Replica Handbags before he can Valentino Replica Handbags ambush Etho.

Too bad it doesn’t work out that way.. The Caretaker: Daryl was this to Riki and risked everything so Riki would remain being himself. (Both of these episodes were not dubbed into English.). There we were, in the position of it having been released and us not knowing that people want Replica Valentino Handbags to hear it, and the way it was done on the album being impossible for us to do on stage.

Loudly announcing your desire to dissect the patient is not proper bedside manner, doctor. Out of the main cast, all Replica Designer Handbags but Kaguya are demons of some kind.. Except this time he’s reached the very end of the universe when almost everything that ever existed is gone.

This can lead Stella McCartney Replica bags to the accusation that they actually tend to just adopt whatever position will best enable them to get away Designer Replica Handbags with a tone of slightly condescending self righteousness.. But Kaiji and Ichijo both Didn’t See That Coming so many times, it turns into a Roulette that would almost look like Xanatos Speed Chess if it weren’t for the fact that Replica Hermes Birkin Kaiji can’t change anything after he starts playing.

To top it all off, the original Starscream makes an appearance

With how sloppy it fit and all the excess room, I was suddenly very concerned with the performance of the improperly sized helmet and not able to really enjoy the thrill of the ride. Not too long after another opportunity came along and I was given a helmet that was properly sized. All of a sudden a security came over me that I could now walk away from any unfortunate occurrence that may be coming down the pike!. When you feel as though your motorcycle helmet can go through a great deal while still protecting you from injury, you are truly free to enjoy the ride.

Replica bags It’s Probably Nothing: Even though Eve catches the vague figure of something huge and furry with horns, she desperately refuses to believe it’s not the Minotaur, and instead a really huge bison or something. (It’s the Minotaur.) Jaw Drop: Eve gets one at just how much of a jerkass Nancy is. Replica bags

Replica Designer Handbags Human Subspecies: Type 1, genetically modified. There’s a lot of them, but most often mentioned are thirteens (hypermasculine males, created to be shock troops in times of war, but also make good criminals, physical laborers and serial killers) and bonobos (hyperfeminine females, created to be midwives, surrogate mothers, nurses, but often used as prostitutes instead). Replica Designer Handbags

Hermes Birkin replica Punch Clock Villain: The few Feline Empire soldiers not dog kickers are portrayed as this. Rain of Arrows Rape as Drama The Rival: Valavor Rodents of Unusual Size: Toshubi the rest of the mice in his village. Roof Hopping Ruins of the Modern Age: The Test of Stealth requires one to evade giant worms that have taken over an abandoned missile silo, and one pinup shows Toshubi the ruins of a pre war city. Hermes Birkin replica

wholesale replica handbags Oh, Crap!: Shaggy when he finally sees he’s become a werewolf. Scooby, and then Shaggy, when they see the crocodile at the bottom of their Bedsheet Ladder. A Delayed “Oh, Crap!” in Scooby’s case as he didn’t notice the crocodile until after he had climbed into its mouth without knowing it was there. wholesale replica handbags

Valentin replica Audience Participation Song: Whenever he’s performing, Calvin will always ask the crowd to sing along to Feel So Close, cutting the volume so that he can hear the audience. He has done similar antics with Sweet Nothing, We Found Love, and his remix of Fatboy Slim and Riva Starr’s Eat Sleep Rave Repeat featuring Beardyman. Valentin replica

Replica Goyard Bags “As a matter of fact it does seem to me to have been a terrifically good idea from the point of view of that Iranian woman because it has now become a diplomatic affair of the first order and I suspect that there might be a very strong case for a mission at high level. Replica Goyard Bags

Hermes Replica Handbags In Zombieland the characters have no real problem getting cars. Food’s surprisingly abundant (unless it’s twinkies,) and even electricity’s shown to be pretty easy to rig (at one point they’re able to power up an entire theme park and at another they just chill for a bit watching HD DVDs in Bill Murray’s luxury Hollywood mansion.) Possibly justified in that the survivors we follow are well established as being Crazy Prepared. Hermes Replica Handbags

Replica Stella McCartney bags In Discworld, every time a plan formulated by the Auditors goes wrong, some time is spent on this one. The outcome inevitably goes like this: the plan was a group effort, therefore it’s everyone’s fault, and if it’s everyone’s fault, it’s no one’s fault, because the amount of blame that attaches is as close to nothing as makes no difference. They’re very corporate that way. Replica Stella McCartney bags

Falabella Replica Bags Even Rhinox, during his temporary Face Heel Turn, does this. To top it all off, the original Starscream makes an appearance and does what he does best. Megs is happy to put up with all of this as long as he can use it to his advantage. Megatron: (to Tarantulas) I can suffer your treachery, lieutenant, but not your incompetence! Treachery requires no mistakes.Circle of Standing Stones: Some are found in the first episode, indicating the Maximals and Predecons are not the first advanced races to visit this world Falabella Replica Bags.

Naturally, the result is markedly different

The craft is notable in that it is the only way to group cast Insight (which, if paired with a party that already has some gear boosting their evade percentage, can render them almost completely immune to everything except enemy artes). Manga; this one is based on a video game of the same name.

Yusaku: The view from down here is pretty good too.. It’s hilarious.. One could only wonder Replica Hermes Handbags how far Gendo Hermes Replica Handbags took this leverage.. Also, after getting the Sword of Judgment, Garudos believes himself to be God. Vitriolic Best Buds: With Abdullah the Butcher, since they’d alternate between teaming together and feuding with each other.

He’s willing Valentino Replica Handbags to block some kunai with his own body and goes all out when attacking Shin Replica Stella McCartney bags Sr.’s base, since he made the mistake of targeting his wife and daughter. Shrouded in Myth: A pervasive theme in his works is how the deeds of ‘heroes’ (and in many cases the inverted commas are necessary) are passed on in stories.

His only Replica Valentino Handbags downside is his literally slow start, but once he gets going, he really gets going. It’s so bad that sometimes you can’t understand what he’s saying. Blacksad going on a sunny roadtrip, while the Deuteragonist of the story is a young lion. Naturally, the result is markedly different.

As a result, in April of 2013 the Replica Hermes Birkin National Association of Theater Owners Designer Replica Handbags sharply criticized the studios for this practice, stating that they believe a good movie can do well in any month. Fairy Companion: Every heroine gets Stella McCartney Replica bags one. Set in a Schizo Tech Replica Handbags version of something that may or may not be feudal Japan, the story revolves around the titular character (played by Samuel L Replica Designer Handbags.

The murder of the district’s congressman barely being noticed?

Anyone Can Die: If the player flubs certain Quick Time Events, the protagonists can and will die horribly, but the game continues. The murder of the district’s congressman barely being noticed? Check. In Anatolia Story, Nakia initially held some support from the upper class, but was hated by most of the peasants and working class people, who she ignored and abused.

She replies by whipping out two handguns and shooting at them.. It was later updated to give it the proper move (Ice Punch). Art Evolution: While they always rely on the tried and true bricks, later sets have gotten more creative and sophisticated and sometimes use Replica Hermes Handbags more specilaized bricks to Replica Stella McCartney bags allow Replica Designer Handbags details and form more sleek than what regular bricks allow.

On TV, however, the defibrillators must be magical, because they work quite differently and have Replica Handbags a much higher success rate than they do in real life.. Plot Technology: subverted. A complete edition of her letters Replica Hermes Birkin and diaries was published in Dutch in 1986 and translated into English in 2002. Valentino Replica Handbags

When Hermes Replica Handbags the guards find out that Rigsy is back, they are not pleased. He has an average intellect, and is particularly known to enjoy luxury, rich food, tailor made clothes, pleasurable company etc. For the moment. Black and Gray Morality: The Revolution is very capable of evil when provoked.

He is pleasant and mild mannered with a bit of an Adorkable side when off mission. You Don’t Look Like You: The movie’s Synergy, a Designer Replica Handbags Robot Stella McCartney Replica bags Buddy, is a far cry from the show’s, who was an Artificial Intelligence who served as the mentor and was capable of generating incredibly advanced Replica Valentino Handbags holograms.