Gold Digger: Victor’s already a rich nobleman

To say nothing about when she stands before two large marrows, which resemble huge. er, tracts of land. The priest avidly reading a magazine about nun wrestling. Gold Digger: Victor’s already a rich nobleman, but he was wooing Lady Tottington solely for her money. Go Through Me: Lady Tottington, after she realises the Were Rabbit is Wallace, attempts to protect him from Victor. Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: Phillip, Victor’s dog, and Gromit, near the end. Growling Gut: Wallace’s stomach rumbles a few times. Hair Raising Hare: The rabbits are seen this way by the townsfolk and tend to be quite mischievous. Then the Were Rabbit comes along. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The montage of photos at the beginning show that Wallace used to have a full head of hair and a mustache. Heroic Sacrifice: During the climax, Were Wallace jumps onto Gromit’s falling plane to break its fall. He gets better though. High Class Gloves: Lady Tottington wears a white pair. Homemade Inventions: A major plot propellant. Horns of Villainy: Invoked and parodied. During the meeting of the towns’ citizens in regard to how to deal with the creature that has been seen around their town, just before Lady Tottington makes an address, Victor is shown with two pairs of spikes that are behind his head that gives him an appearance of having devilish horns. In addition, Tottington has an angel sculpture behind her which gives her the appearance of having wings. Human to Werewolf Footprints: Reversed. Originally they thought that the were rabbit prints were leading to the basement and that the pet bunny was the culprit. Then Gromit closes the door and sees that not only do the prints continue past the basement door, they change into human prints as they lead towards Wallace’s bedroom. Humiliation Conga: At the end, Victor gets smacked by Lady Tottington with a giant carrot, stuffed into a rabbit suit, sent out to be chased away by the mob, and bitten on the tail of the suit by Phillip. Hunger Hallucination: In the climax, the were rabbit mistakes Lady Tottington for a giant carrot. Justified by the lady’s wardrobe of dresses that are deliberately colored and patterned to look like vegetables. The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Victor, after a fashion, at the end of the film. Gromit dresses him up in the female rabbit costume and sends him out to the mob, who chase him away. Hurricane of Puns: More like a perfect storm of puns. The cheese themed classic titles behind which Wallace’s secret cheese dish is hidden. The climax is also very groan heavy. You think you can pilfer my filly, don’t you? You think you can con an innocent woman out of her fortune.

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