Creepy Monotone: A false medium at the beginning of the film

On the flipside of his stoicism, Mitchum was easily one of Hollywood’s most colorful characters a casual ladies man and professional Deadpan Snarker, he was also known for acts of great generosity, bringing lunch to cast and crew when they needed them in outright defiance of tyrannical directors and offering advice to and support to actors who were just starting out and could benefit from his experience. He was also known for being a natural storyteller, poet, mimic of accents and even a fairly good singer. He was a long time friend of actresses Jane Russell and Deborah Kerr (the latter his leading lady in four films, including Heaven Knows Mr. Allison and The Sundowners, and by his own admission the favourite leading lady of his career).

Accidental Truth: Buckley’s sarcastic “I’m a psychic”. Actually, That’s My Assistant: In one of the first scenes, Tom, Margaret’s assistant, is mistaken for Margaret. Agent Mulder: Dr. Shackleton is a believer in paranormal phenomena, portrayed as a rare negative example, though he means well and is willing to admit he could be wrong. Agent Scully: Matheson and Buckley specialize in debunking supernatural phenomena. Buckley takes it Up to Eleven after Matheson’s death. Alliterative Name: Margaret Matheson and Simon Silver. Anyone Can Die: Matheson dies about halfway into the film. Armor Piercing Question: Margaret storms out of the room after the interviewer probes her religious convictions. Blind Seer: Silver, the famous psychic, is able to awe his audiences by describing things he shouldn’t know because he is blind. It turns out he can still see. Creepy Monotone: A false medium at the beginning of the film basically drones to height his creepy image. Crisis of Faith: It happened to Margaret when her son fell into a coma at the age of 4. Cynicism Catalyst: Both Margaret and Tom have these as motivations to debunk paranormal claims. Margaret’s son is in a coma, which apparently caused a loss of faith and firm disbelief in all things supernatural or paranormal. Tom’s mother died due to trusting in a faith healer rather than medicine, with the same results. Dead Partner: Margaret and Tom were partners in debunking supernatural phenomena, until Margaret dies about halfway into the film. Description Cut: Ben reassures Sally that “Tom’s perfectly alright.” Cut to Tom receiving a beatdown in a bathroom. Determinator: Buckley goes to great lengths to expose Silver, despite the paranormal events causing constant danger to him. Doting Parent: The parents of an “automatic painting” boy fall victim to the deception involving the paranormal because of their total admiration for their son. This isn’t a movie, Sally.

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