Affably Evil: Damian Cray and General Alexei Sarov

Hyper competent in all matters requiring brain power and very well adjusted to life in modern society but Didi can be. Affably Evil: Damian Cray and General Alexei Sarov. If any villain in Digimon deserves this designation, it’s Myotismon. Man of Kryptonite: Satori has the form of a giant, mobile garlic at the start of Volume 3, making him this to vampires.

Surprisingly he’s also the most level headed individual in the entire series by the end of a Valentino Replica Handbags film, everyone except West is going through some manner of hysterics, while West continues like everything is just another experiment. Kyokasho. Replica Designer Handbags Mind Screw: Barefoot in Replica Hermes Handbags the Replica Hermes Birkin Head: The whole book is a massive, psychedelic mindscrew.

Spinosaurus was specialised Designer Replica Handbags to hunt Replica Valentino Handbags aquatic life, and would only hunt Replica Stella McCartney bags on land in times of extreme drought to avoid competing with other large carnivores for prey. Though, in Dream Land, Dedede had his followers steal all the food for no good reason except to be a dick, and in Kirby 64, he takes the Crystal Shard Kirby needs to save Ribbon’s planet, again to be a dick, even if he does decide to help after being attacked by and Hermes Replica Handbags freed from Dark Matter.

Beat Still, My Heart: Glottis literally tears out his heart and throws it away in a fit of despondent Hamminess. Nicky is also an accomplished thief who, for some reason, dislikes being “watched” by the people he robs so he turns their pictures around.

Les Collaborateurs: Deconstructed with the Kapos; Kapo Berliner provides the most straight example. All Encompassing Mantle: Imakarum Mirabilis wears one, as do most of the other Zoalords. She’s too cute to Replica Handbags die, and too overtly evil to let get away, but it’s still so damn sad to Stella McCartney Replica bags watch her go.

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